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Information and pictures of recent walks held by the Beagle Club of Queensland.

University Walk Sunday 17th July

2016-09-12T08:27:22+10:0017 July 2016|Recent Walks|

Not the winter chill on Sunday the 17th of September, nor the rain that had cancelled two events for the club in the month before, could stop the 46 Beagles from heading out for a walk along the banks of the Brisbane River for their annual University of Queensland and Green Bridge walk. As always, we had [...]

Shorncliffe Beach Walk 22nd May

2016-05-30T18:24:39+10:0019 May 2016|Recent Walks|

Sitting back under the trees beside the newly refurbished Shorncliffe jetty, the breeze gently blowing in from Moreton Bay. Looking down over the beach where a group of playful, happy Beagles and their even happier owners enjoy time with friends and other club members, I thought to myself, “This is what the Beagle Club of [...]

Southbank Twilight Walk Saturday 23rd April

2016-09-12T08:25:14+10:0023 April 2016|Recent Walks|

World Day for Laboratory Animals, is an annual global observance held on April 24 each year. It was established in 1979 by the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) based in the United Kingdom. The day is to awaken the conscience of humanity in all parts of the world to the iniquity of procedures causing suffering or distress to living [...]

Gold Coast Walk Sunday 6th December

2015-12-11T10:30:13+10:0012 October 2015|Recent Walks|

Click here to go to the Santa photos taken on the day. More images to follow Since 2010 the Beagle Club of Queensland has held its final event for the year on the Gold Coast. The event is a walk along the beach on the Southport Spit for our Beagles and their owners, with a [...]

Redcliffe Beach Walk Sunday 25th October

2016-05-28T13:29:34+10:0012 October 2015|Recent Walks|

[mapsmarker marker="11"] This is always a great walk for Spring and enjoyed by our members and their Beagles. We meet on the corner of Landsborough Ave and Kennedy Esplanade at about 8:30am for a 9:00am start to the walk. We walk south towards Queens Beach for about 1.5km. On our return we will stop at [...]

University and Green Bridge Walk Sunday 13th September

2016-05-28T13:30:28+10:0031 August 2015|Recent Walks|

[mapsmarker marker="9"] On leash walk Off leash park available Wheelchair Accessible Distance: approx 3km Toilet facilities available Parking available This is a very enjoyable and relaxing walk for our first Spring outing and I’m sure it will be enjoyed by everyone who attends. We will meet in front of Field 5b on Sir William MacGregor [...]

Brisbane City Walk Sunday July 19

2015-07-26T21:31:30+10:0019 August 2015|Recent Walks|

Our city walk for 2015 was slightly different to recent years. We have been regularly walking through the Brisbane City Botanical Gardens and Southbank for many years but with the problems with space, the number of people we now get along to the walks and parking issues, we decided to change the start and end [...]

Caboolture Lake Walk May 24

2015-06-27T12:03:19+10:0014 May 2015|Recent Walks|

The Beagle Club of Queensland is always looking for great new walks for our Beagles to enjoy. Sunday the 25th of May saw our first walk in Caboolture. The location for the walk was the very picturesque Centenary Lakes beside the Caboolture River. Is is often the case with new walks, we are never certain [...]

Lake Walk Oxenford April 26

2015-06-27T12:19:05+10:0019 April 2015|Recent Walks|

A cloudless sky but a cold westerly wind greeted the Beagle enthusiasts for our April walk. After the ANZAC day festivities the previous day, it was great to see another fabulous turnout of 53 Beagles for our walk around the beautiful lake at Oxenford. The lake is used for rowing competition and, on occasion, model [...]

Shorncliffe Walk Sunday March 29

2015-06-27T12:25:46+10:009 February 2015|Recent Walks|

Our third club event for a busy March for the Beagle Club of Queensland was the walk along the Shorncliffe foreshore. This is a great seaside stroll for the Beagles, with lots of sea air to sniff and plenty of beach to play on. We advertised to gather at the front of the Shorncliffe jetty [...]

Logan River Walk February 8

2015-02-09T21:27:23+10:002 February 2015|Recent Walks|

It was a fabulous walk to open the Beagle Club of Queensland events for 2015. The first walk for the year was held at Alexander Clark park, along the shores of the Logan river. This is a fabulous park, only 35 minutes south of Brisbane city. There are two off leash enclosures, one of which [...]

Southport Beach Walk December 7

2015-02-12T14:33:30+10:0016 November 2014|Recent Walks|

[Pictures with Santa from the walk] In December 2012, the Beagle Club of Queensland took on the commitment to have over 100 Beagles attend out Christmas walk in 2013. Target 100 saw an amazing 159 Beagles come along to our Christmas walk and party last year. he success in 2013 motivated our club to share [...]

Redcliffe Beach Walk October 26

2014-11-01T07:44:18+10:0020 October 2014|Recent Walks|

Our final event for October, after lots of busy times for the Club, was the beach walk at Scarborough on the Redliffe Peninsula. While the rest of the state was sweltering, those that joined in the fun at this beach walk were greeted with lovely cool sea breezes. This regular walk on the north side [...]

University Walk September 14

2017-06-29T17:04:12+10:008 September 2014|Recent Walks|

This is a very enjoyable and relaxing walk each year for our first Spring outing and I’m sure it will be enjoyed by everyone who attends. We will meet in front of Field 5b on Sir William MacGregor Drive from 8:30am for a 9:00am start to the walk. From there we will walk the path [...]

Brisbane City Walk June 29

2014-07-02T11:59:31+10:0015 June 2014|Recent Walks|

What another wonderful day out for the Beagle enthusiasts on Sunday the 29th of June. The Brisbane City and Southbank walk is always and enjoyable walk, starting at the base of the Kangaroo Point cliffs.We had the feeling that this was going to be a big walk after we saw how many people on Facebook [...]

Lake Walk Oxenford April 2014

2014-06-14T16:17:36+10:006 April 2014|Recent Walks|

This walk was the Beagle Club of Queensland’s first venture to the shores of the beautiful Damien Leeding Park, at Oxenford on Queensland’s Gold Coast. We had heard that many of our members use this lake for a great walk and we decided to include the walk in our events for 2014. After the day, [...]

Shorncliffe Walk Mar 2014

2014-06-14T16:17:23+10:001 March 2014|Recent Walks|

For the days before the 2014 Shorncliffe walk on the 9th of March, it was gloomy, rainy and dull. But to prove once again that God loves a Beagle, the rain held off for our walk. We had 57 Beagles in all turn up for our walk, which is another great effort for all who [...]

Logan River Walk Feb 2014

2015-04-19T06:46:59+10:0029 January 2014|Recent Walks|

The first walk for 2014 is fast approaching and is the fun and relaxing Logan River walk on Sunday the 9th of February at Alexander Clarke Park, Logan. Take the Drews Road exit off the Logan Motorway and follow it to the end. We meet in the car park at the end of Dewar Drive, [...]

Christmas Walk 2013

2013-12-16T12:07:05+10:0014 December 2013|Club Events, Recent Walks|

What a Club we have!! Our second commemorative event for the 20th anniversary of the Club was the Club's annual Christmas walk held on the Southport Spit. In 2012 the Club had 77 Beagles attend the walk, which was a great achievement. As a result, the Club went about promoting "Target 100". This was to [...]

Daisy Hill Forest Walk 2013

2013-10-20T21:18:10+10:0019 October 2013|Recent Walks|

This walk was certainly confirming that the Beagle Club of Queensland is not just a dog club - it's an adventure. It was our first time at Daisy Hill Forest for some time. I'm not sure why we haven't done the walk for a while but it is certainly a great walk. Nevertheless, we decided [...]


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