map-logan-walkThe first walk for 2014 is fast approaching and is the fun and relaxing Logan River walk on Sunday the 9th of February at Alexander Clarke Park, Logan.

Take the Drews Road exit off the Logan Motorway and follow it to the end. We meet in the car park at the end of Dewar Drive, Loganholme and about 8:30am for a 9:00am start to the walk. It’s a nice short walk of about 2km, just in case it’s a bit hot. At the end of the walk is a great off leash park for the Beagles to have a nice play together while the owners take a break.

For more details on the day contact jeff on 0418 871 369.

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Our Club walks for 2013 began in great style with 40 eager Beagles turning out for the Logan River walk on Sunday the 10th of February. Many locals and members from as far north as the Sunshine Coast ventured to Alexander Clark Park to greet the sunny day and great company.

While the weather was fin and not too hot at all, as we headed down the trail, we were reminded of the devastation that had taken place only a couple of weeks earlier. Alexander Clark Park runs along the Logan River, which was hit hard in the recent floods. As we approached the river, we could see that build of mud and silt that had been deposited over the park and the path. The Council had removed the sludge from the road but the sight and smell of the floods reminded us of what had happened recently.

As we moved through the park, with the Beagles enjoying the strong smells of the mud and sediments, we had to make a detour around part of the walk, as the Council had blocked off part of the path. We detoured into the grassed area of the park and headed to our finishing point.

Alexander Clark Park has a great off leash area, split in two so smaller and larger dogs can be separated out. The pack of 40 Beagles enjoyed their run together in the off leash area and set to sniffing every inch and exploring the agility equipment.

When a local Dalmatian came into the large dog side of the off leash area, it decided to tease the pack by running up and down the fence line between the two enclosures. The pack chased and barked at the Dally much to their delight and the delight of their owners.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to the walk to start the year off with great numbers and great fun.