Sitting back under the trees beside the newly refurbished Shorncliffe jetty, the breeze gently blowing in from Moreton Bay. Looking down over the beach where a group of playful, happy Beagles and their even happier owners enjoy time with friends and other club members, I thought to myself, “This is what the Beagle Club of Queensland is all about”.

You couldn’t have picked a more perfect day for the club’s May walk along the Shorncliffe foreshore. While the skies were a little grey when we arrived, the clouds soon moved away to reveal an ideal morning. The bay was a millpond and the warmth of the day was inviting a fabulous walk.

As people arrived with their Beagles, boosted by a surprise visitor in the form of Rugby League great, Greg Inglis and his son, we knew we were in for a fun time. More and more Beagles arrived. More and more smiles, new faces, new members and seasoned club walkers were gathering. Faces who had not been to a walk for a while, friends who had recently lost one of their Beagle family, met up with the pack to once again enjoy and remember what being a Beagle owner is all about.

The grand total of 74 Beagles sniffed, wagged, played and swam their way along the Shorncliffe foreshore. At the turnaround point, a number partook in a very enjoyable, albeit quite cool, dip in the calm waters of the bay. Others simply made the most of the relaxing time they had with their Beagles and new and old friends who were sharing the great morning.

After the walk, we returned to the feast that had been put on by so many of our members. We sat and talked to so many other members and Beagle enthusiasts who joined in the fun. Our very new members, Pauline and Phil, who had joined the club only a few days earlier, were welcomes to the “pack”.

We received many more items and donations for the club’s 2016 Pound Puppy Project. This has once again been a great success for the club this year. Many thanks to the generous Beagle people who have donated towards this cause. There will be many dogs in the Ipswich Animal Welfare League that will be warmer and happier as a result of your generosity.

I can’t thank enough everyone who turned up to enjoy the walk. We had so many positive comments from people about the enjoyment they have with club events. One of our members stated he has never come across a club where its members have been so happy to come together, to enjoy the activities of that club and to share their common interest. As I sat watching the Beagles and their owners enjoying themselves so much, I had to agree. This is what this club is all about.