The Beagle Club of Queensland is always looking for great new walks for our Beagles to enjoy. Sunday the 25th of May saw our first walk in Caboolture. The location for the walk was the very picturesque Centenary Lakes beside the Caboolture River.

Is is often the case with new walks, we are never certain how many people we will get along for the walks. The morning began a beautiful clear, cool day and things were looking very positive. Our walk was to be along the shores of the lakes that make up the Centenary Lakes – a system of small lakes just south of the Caboolture city centre.

The Beagles began to assemble beside the lake. By the beginning of the walk, we had amassed another fabulous pack of 41 Beagles and about 6 honorary Beagles for the day.

The walk is a leisurely 2km around the lake. Although the walk is short, the scenery is lovely, with lots of animals, shade and gardens for the Beagles to sniff. The walk also has the added bonus of an off leash park, which the Beagles took great delight in exploring and playing as a pack.

The final leg of the walk was along the shore of the Caboolture River before heading back for a wonderful morning tea.

The Caboolture walk was a very enjoyable and I am sure everyone had a great time. Thank you to our “tour guides” for the day, Laura and Bev and to everyone that turned up and enjoyed the day. Thanks also to all those that donated towards the yummy morning tea.
We will definitely be doing the Centenary Lakes walk again.