It was a fabulous walk to open the Beagle Club of Queensland events for 2015.

The first walk for the year was held at Alexander Clark park, along the shores of the Logan river. This is a fabulous park, only 35 minutes south of Brisbane city. There are two off leash enclosures, one of which was taken over by Beagles, the other for larger dogs. The walk itself is a leisurely 1.5km, which is ideal during the warmer months and allows more time in the off leash area for the pack to play.

We had a fabulous 75 Beagles (plus our 3 honorary beagles for the day) turn up to enjoy the fun. While this made for an amazing sight in the park, the pack was very well behaved, with lots of fun and games happening.

It was great to see so many new faces and people who have recently acquired a Beagle or joined the Facebook page coming along for their first experience of a Beagle pack. Many of those who were there for the first time couldn’t believe the sight and were amazed at how well the pack got along. These walks truly show the breed in it’s full glory. Playing, running, sniffing, being naughty, and mostly enjoying being part of a pack.

There were lots of puppies out for their first walk as well and all enjoyed their time. Although a couple were a little overwhelmed to begin with, they all relaxed in the end and I’m sure slept well during the drive home.

A big thank you to everyone who brought along morning tea to share.

Another great day for the Club.