This walk was certainly confirming that the Beagle Club of Queensland is not just a dog club – it’s an adventure.

It was our first time at Daisy Hill Forest for some time. I’m not sure why we haven’t done the walk for a while but it is certainly a great walk. Nevertheless, we decided to include in the walks for this year.

We had another great turnout of 29 Beagles and one honorary Beagle in the form of a very friendly Pug. It was also a beautiful warm October morning, which certainly contributed to it being such a good turnout. We had a few new faces along as well, which was great to see all the new Beagles introducing themselves. Our new Darwin Beagle unfortunately was too friendly and was always on his back when meeting a new Beagle and even to the Pug!

The walk is famous for lots of wildlife and horses being on the trail, so we were all keen to get started.

There are several trails that can be taken at Daisy Hill, ranging from a quick 2km walk, up to 10km. We decided to take the 4Km Spotted Gum Trail. The trail itself is nice and shaded, which a few hills to club up and down but usually not a big problem.

We headed off and after about 1km had a brief break to catch our breath and to allow the Beagles to have a drink.

We then took off again, down the trail for about another kilometre. Unfortunately, the regular trail we take was closed for maintenance. No problem we thought, as there was another quicker trail back. It was also closed to cyclists, so we didn’t have to worry about getting off the trail to let the cyclists through. Little did we know that about 500 metres along detour, it took a sharp 30 degree turn – UPWARDS!! The trail diminished into a goat track, climbing over rocks and boulders and tree stumps. Oh the Beagles loved it. It was just the poor two-legged trekkers that weren’t expecting the leisurely walk to be that unleisurely.

Eventually everyone scaled to the summit (well done to all). After another rest, we headed back to base.

Apart from the unexpected ascent, the walk was great. Apart from the lone horse which to my surprise, didn’t stir up much of a fuss amongst the Beagles, we didn’t see any wildlife.

On return, we all had a nice refreshing drink and some morning tea, before we all picked up the Beagles that we fast asleep from the walk and carried them to the car.

Thanks to everyone for coming along. Thanks also to all who brought along something for morning tea. A fun walk and a great time.