Our final event for October, after lots of busy times for the Club, was the beach walk at Scarborough on the Redliffe Peninsula.
While the rest of the state was sweltering, those that joined in the fun at this beach walk were greeted with lovely cool sea breezes. This regular walk on the north side proved to be a welcome relief from some of the temperatures that were being experienced around Brisbane and south-east Queensland.
It was once again a great turnout for the club. At the beginning of the walk we had 32 Beagles but with more who joined in after we had begun, we ended up with a great turnout of 42 Beagles joining in the fun. The Siberian Huskey Club also had their walk at Scarborough the same morning, although they couldn’t compete with the big pack of Beagles and their owners that turned up for our fun.
As usual, we commenced our walk just north of Drury Point ts Scarborough. The walk is very leisurely – only about 1.5km south along the beach front. The walk is very relaxed and all those that came along I am sure had a great time walking their Beagles while looking out over Moreton Bay, the cool sea breeze making it easy going. At our turnaround point, we had a break and gave the Beagles a drink under the shade of the trees, just enjoying the view and talking to others about our favourite subject. It was also great to see lots of kids joining in for a walk with their two-legged and four-legged family.
On our way back, we detoured to Drury Point. This is the only part of the area where dogs can be taken off lead and onto the beach. Most of the Beagles took a dip to get cooled off, although some of them did it a little begrudgingly. It was also nice for the humans to get their feet wet in the cool water.
Back to our starting point for some morning tea that was generously provided by many of those that came to the walk. Thanks to everyone that provided morning tea for us to share.
Once again, a great turnout for the walk at the end of a full rich month of October for many events happening.