southbank-2015-10Our city walk for 2015 was slightly different to recent years. We have been regularly walking through the Brisbane City Botanical Gardens and Southbank for many years but with the problems with space, the number of people we now get along to the walks and parking issues, we decided to change the start and end points for the walk.

This year, we commenced the walk in the Gardens themselves. We weren’t too sure how many people we would get with the change, nor exactly what the parking would be like or any other issues. Still, we were all keen to try out the new start.

It turned out the move to begin the walk in the Gardens was the right choice. There was plenty of parking along the streets and local car parks, with lots of space and beautiful shady trees for us to have morning tea under.

As for numbers – well it turned out everyone was keen to come into the city for a great time. As the walk started, we ended up with 65 Beagles and five honorary Beagles. A great turnout once again.

The walk itself started near the main entrance of the Gardens at the end of Albert St. From there we walked through the Gardens until we reached the banks of the Brisbane River. Here we headed south for a beautiful shaded stroll along the bank until we got to the Goodwill Bridge. This is a great bridge to walk the dogs over and to have a good sniff.

Once we left the bridge, we entered Southbank for the sniff along the Clem Jones Boulevard. As luck would have it, there was a food festival on the same day – much to the delight of all the Beagles who were more than keen to join in for the tasting.

As we approached the Melbourne St Bridge, we had a rest on the bank, looking out over the CBD and enjoying the time with the pack. We then headed back to the Gardens for a wonderful morning tea and to avail ourselves of the strategically placed coffee van.

Many thanks to everyone who came along for the walk and for bringing along a delicious morning tea. I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves. We will definitely be starting our walks from the Gardens in the future. A beautiful and relaxing morning for us all.