Opening Ceremony

London may have put on a great opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics but the Beagle Club of Queensland also offered exhibitors a real treat at the recent 9th National Beagle Championship Show in August.

The opening ceremony commenced with the introduction to the judges and officials, then a march past of the flags and the National Anthems of the countries involved in the show, including Australia, New Zealand and the judge’s countries of Germany and the USA.

After that, the pack of eleven eager Beagles was lead into the show ring. The patroness of the Beagle Club of Queensland, Dorothy Oestreich, who has been a keen advocate of lure coursing for many years, read the blessing of the hounds. This was followed by the blowing of the hunting horn.

Then, as the bike was started, the Beagles began sounding their enjoyment and excitement with what was about to happen.

The lure slowly made its way along the back of the show ring before turning in front of the line of eager Beagles waiting for their chance to play. As the Beagles were released, it was a fabulous sight to see the pack running past the line of flags and the enjoyment of all those who were there to see, probably for the first time at a dog show, a pack of Beagles racing around the grounds at Durack.

The course was only short but it gave everyone who had never seen lure coursing before, an idea of how much fun it can be and how much enjoyment the Beagles can have.

After a few twists and turns, the lure returned back into the show ring and finished right in front of the judges and spectators to a resounding applause. Many of the Beagles that were on display are excellent lure coursers, including Radar, the first Beagle to receive the QLCA Lure Courser of Merit.

The display was enjoyed so much, we had to do it twice. On the second time around, some of the pack decided at the end it was too nice a day to be put back into a dog trolley and decided to have a quick frolic around the ring, as Beagles like to do.

The opening ceremony, mainly due to the lure coursing display, was a huge success and a fabulous way to begin the National. Many people commented on what a great start to the show it was and that it set the feeling for the show to one of enjoyment and friendship. The international judges that were attending commented that they had never seen anything like the opening ceremony and thought every show should begin like that.

The Beagle Club of Queensland would like to thank the QLCA for their continued support for our club for many years, through allowing us to borrow the equipment for our lure coursing days. We gratefully appreciate being allowed to use the equipment for the opening ceremony. It made for a fabulous commencement to our National.

Blessing of the Pack

As read by Dorothy Oestreich at the Opening Ceremony of the 9th Beagle National

Bless rider and horse, and hounds that run and shield them from danger to life and limb.

May those who ride, and those who carry, come to the close of the day unhurt and give thanks.

Bless those over whose lands we hunt, and grant that no deed or omission of ours may cause them hurt or trouble.

Bless the rabbits who partake in the chase, that they may run straight and true.

And bless the hounds to our use and their joyful part.

Bless all present for this sight.

Raise your glasses to our merry hounds.

A National for Friendship and Enjoyment

One of the things that the 9th National will be remembered for is the feeling of friendship and enjoyment. From the opening ceremony which laid the foundation for a National of fun, exhibitors, judges, officials and friends participated at the National in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

National Dinner

The official dinner and presentation was attended by over 100 exhibitors, officials, friends and guests. It was a great turnout and end to the National.

The Beagle Club of Queensland is most fortunate to have talented chefs in their ranks who served up a delicious buffet as part of the dinner and presentation. This topped off the festivities which included the presentation of show awards, raffles and an auction which raised over $2500 for the Club.

As part of the presentations on the night, the National Beagle Council (Australia) presented to four Beagles, the Award of Merit. This is an award given to Beagles who have excelled in an area of Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Tracking or outstanding Progenitor. The 9th National saw four Beagles presented with this award. It is a credit to Queensland that all recipients were bred in this state, with all four being from three generations of the one bloodline. Congratulations to the Beagles that received their AOMs on the night:

  • Aust. Ch. Orobay Amazing Grace for achieving the award for Outstanding Progenitor
  • Aust. Grand Ch. Orobay Optical Magic for achieving the award for achievements in Conformation
  • Aust. Grand Ch. Orobay Graceful Triumph for achieving the award for achievements in Conformation
  • Aust. Ch. Baldev Legally Blonde for achieving the award for achievements in Conformation

A special presentation of recognition was delivered on the night by the Beagle Club of Queensland to one of its members for her outstanding contribution to Beagles in Australia and around the world. Norma Shipley of Filnor Beagles was recognised for her contributions to the breed for over forty years. Many of those breeders and exhibitors whom Norma has influenced and supported were at the dinner to celebrate this recognition. It was a big surprise for Norma to be given this recognition but one that was well deserved.