We had 37 Beagle turn up for our annual Southport Spit April Beach Walk. Numbers were down on recent walks but still great numbers. The inclement weather that was around on the Testing morning may have impacted on numbers but the weather held out for the walk. It also made the temperature quite cool.

We headed to the base of the sand pumping jetty cheap MLB jerseys for our regular photo before heading south along the Spit. More and more of our Beagles are being able to run freely off lead, which is great to see. The Spit has the first 2km as an off lead area. South towards the patrolled beaches becomes on lead. With the recent erosion of the beaches, the dunes were quite high, which made it more difficult for the Beagles to climb over the dunes and meant they were wholesale Cleveland Browns jerseys more inclined to stay on the beach – even though some still tried to venture up the cheap mlb jerseys dunes.

It’s becoming a regular occurrence that the Beagle Club walks coincide with the Great Dane Club walks and this weekend was the same. Mingling Great Danes with lots of Beagles is always a great sight and lots of fun.

It was great to see some of the older Beagles having fun and enjoying their time on the beach. We also had Matilda, a Beagle with an illness that makes it difficult for her to walk. Matilda was able to make the full walk and was very encouraging for her owners.

We also had, as usual, some naughty Beagles just showing how naughty they could be.  We had one naughty Beagle decided that instead of heading south with everyone else, they would head Up north and cause their owner a lot of distress until they were found.

We also had one of our naughty Beagles Dec decide they wanted to help some children with their sand castle making. This Beagle thought the castle could do with a little more moisture in the sand mix. Suffice to say, the kids decided not to continue building that part of the cheap NBA jerseys sand castle.

After the walk, we went back for some morning tea and a talk about our favourite subject. Unfortunately the green ants were out in force and a few two and Boost four legged walked ended up on the sharp end of some and bites.

It was a very relaxing and enjoyable walk and I’, sure all those that attended enjoyed the day.

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