The annual Beagle Club of Queensland walk around the Brisbane City Botanical Gardens and Southbank is usually a cold, chilly walk. But not this year. The weather was a lot milder as we headed off from the foot of the Kangaroo Point cliffs.

By the time the walk had begun, we had amassed over 60 Beagles and three honorary Beagles. A great turnout for the walk. The most we have had at our Southbank walk and the second most of any walk. Well done everyone.

There were a lot of older Beagles that came along on this walk. Many of them were well Backs over ten years old, with some being over thirteen and fourteen. Yet they were all eager to join in on the fun and to show some of the young “whipper-snappers” how to enjoy themselves.

Lots of new Beagles also joined in on the walk. Many were out for their first time and were a little overwhelmed by the mass of Beagles that had assembled. As the walk wholesale mlb jerseys progressed, they all relaxed and were happy to be part of the pack.

It was great to see lots of our rescued Beagles along as 2013 well. Some of them had only just recently found their new forever homes and looked very happy and contented. It is such a joy to see these Beagles in their new homes, being Format cared for and having a great time with their new four-legged friends.

We had our regular group photo on the Good Will Bridge, where the photographers were reaching for their wide angle lens, with so many Beagles. And a fabulous sight it was.

We headed into the old Brisbane Botanical Gardens. The old boardwalk has gone but the Beagles still had a great time walking along the river bank. We had a short break in the Gardens, listening to the bagpipes that could be heard over yonder. 2013 Before heading back over the Good Will Bridge.

We then trekked through Southbank, along the Clem Jones Promenade. Those who were having an enjoyable breakfast in one of the many restaurants along the Promenade were happily surprised to see the parade of four feet, nose down, tail up sniffers who would have liked nothing better than to have a good munch on the bacon and eggs that were being served up.

Just before we reached the Melbourne St bridge, we had another rest. A few decided 2016 they wanted to have a bit of a swim in the river, while the others just soaked up the sun and sniffed and played and did all those things that Beagles do so well.

Finally it was time to head back to Kangaroo Point for morning tea and to have a good chat about what our naughty but loveable Beagles had been up to since the last time we got together.

Congratulations to Kim for picking up the raffle prize and Contacts thanks to everyone who bought wholesale nfl jerseys tickets and supplied some morning tea for everyone. Special thanks to Kylie Rose, on Numbers behalf of all the Beagles, for the supply of “Beagle Christmas Brownies” for all the Beagles for morning tea.

A great walk again. Thanks to everyone who came along and enjoyed the morning.

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