6th June 2015
Judge: Mrs. B. Kidwell (USA)
Entry shown: 62


Just a general overview. I was very impressed with the quality of beagles that I was honoured to judge. The majority had lovely shoulders and lovely upper arm length. I saw what I think is a group of people very dedicated to taking care of the quality of their breed including type and temperament, strong movement and exquisite headpieces. I thank you from my heart for having me judge your lovely dogs!
Barbara Kidwell

Baby Puppy Dog
1st Beagelee Daffy Duck (Duval) – Very balanced, handsome puppy dog with a beautiful shoulder layback with good length of upper arm, good side gait, strong topline ending in a well set on stern.
2nd Orobay Cosmopolitan Design (AI) (Telfer) – Very nice puppy, strong topline, although slightly longer cast than 1. Beautiful head, neck and shoulder. Nice layback of shoulders. Well set stern, nice expression.
3rd Culorgair Legacy (Souter) – Handsome puppy. Little bit longer in loin. Nicely balanced otherwise. Beautiful headpiece along with good expression.
4th Orobay Hearts Are Triumphant (Tringham) – Quite chubby as a start, good mover, lovely expression and head. Shows promise.

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Asalei Monkey Business (AI) (Ison) – Very handsome, balanced puppy dog. Good topline ending in a well set stern. Lovely headpiece and expression, good side gait along with a nice tight feet. Minor Puppy in Show
2nd Baldev White Russian (Skinner) – Very handsome young dog. Lovely head and expression. Would like to see a little bit longer upper arm, slightly constricted in front. Very nice outline, pushed hard for number 1.

Puppy Dog
1st Ariahgrove Ghostly Image (Telfer) – Lovely red and white, nicely balanced, strong topline and stern. I’d like to see little bit longer upper arm, but a very handsome young dog.
2nd Thornoughton Little Star (Eades) – Second dog’s shoulders set a little too far forward, slightly higher in rear (could be his age). Lovely bone. Beautiful coat. Well set on stern.

Junior Dog
1st Goldenbelle bounty Hunter (Suggett) –Quite Handsome young dog. Very good substance good tight feet, and strong topline. Very balanced front and rear, would like to see a longer upper arm.

Intermediate Dog
1st Ch Tracjobea black Hawk (Sweeney) – Lovely balanced dog. Good layback and length of upper arm. Lovely head and neck blending into shoulders. Strong topline. Great quality of coat.
2nd Goldenbelle Shikari (Suggett) –Handsome dog with good substance. Pleasing overall. More upright front and rear, still balanced.
3rd Ch Asalei Finders Keepers (Ison) –Another lovely dog with good substance and coat. A bit more angulation in rear, than in front, but still a pleasing outline.

Australian Bred Dog
1st Gr Ch Dandangadale Spirit Chaser (Fraser) – Lovely package. Moderate dog with beautiful bone. And efficient side gait. Beautiful ear set, lovely topline and a great front assembly, nice shoulder layback. My reserve dog CC.
2nd Ch Beagelee Keep The Spirit (Ison/Duval) – Lovely head but would like to see a bit softer expression. Strong topline, good away and back, would like to see a bit more front reach at side gait. Overall a very nice dog.
3rd Ch Delrei Undercover (Beattie) – Very nice outline. Little bit lighter in substance, but still a very pleasing dog.
Very proud of all three of this Australian bred class.

Open Dog
Lovely class, beautiful dogs. The four that I chose gave me the chills. All four placings had beautiful side gaits. Down and back it was a draw for any of them. Beautiful head piece. First two dogs just had effortless side gait.
1st Sup Ch Beagelee Archangel (AI) (Duval) – Lovely dog. Good shoulders into a hard topline and well set stern.
2nd Ch Orobay Soul Mystique (Sweeney) – loved the head and expression. Strong topline.
3rd Ch Clarion Beachball (Gibson) – Very well put together. Beautiful head and expression and length of neck, hard topline, maybe a tiny bit longer in loin.
4th Nz Ch Burnsdale Most Happy Fella (Telfer) – Very nice dog, with lovely head and expression, strong topline.
Again these 4 open dogs were all very lovely beagles.

Very proud to say that I judged all of the above dogs today.

Veteran Dog
Lovely veteran’s class
1st UK & Sup Ch Orobay Graceful Triumph (Telfer) – Just effortless the whole way around. Very moderate in size. Beautiful topline, holds it well. Beautiful head piece. Good tailset and nice shoulders.
2nd Sup Ch Beagelee Acqua Di Gio (Duval) – A lovely dog. I’d like to see him with a little bit longer in upper arm.
Just a lovely, very classic head. Held his topline well. Also a strong mover.
3rd Sup Ch Orobay Optical Precision (Sweeney) – Very effortless in moving. Holds his topline well.
4th Ch Orobay Graceful Gambler (Roff) – Very nice dog. A little less angle in the rear, but otherwise, very balanced.
Very proud of my veteran dog placers.

Baby Puppy Bitch
1st Bimberi Brooklyn Babe (Roff) – The first two bitches were very much in contention with each other. First place bitch had a little bit stronger head. Both similar, beautiful toplines, nice angles.
2nd Orobay Cosmopolitan Beauty (AI) (Telfer) –also a contender for first place. Lovely puppy bitch.
3rd Culorgair Supanowva (Lovell) – Very feminine head and nice substance. Just a bit too high in the rear at this age to place higher. When she matures, she’s going to be a strong contender.

Minor Puppy Bitch
Both lovely heads, nice shoulder
1st Stmalo Lady Lucinda (Bell) – Lovely head, length of neck, blending nicely into good shoulder layback, Topline stronger on the move than 2nd, very pleasing expression.
2nd Dandangadale Hard Habit TBreak (Fraser) – also a lovely head and length of neck, slightly more upright in shoulders. Topline not as strong as 1st place puppy.

Puppy Bitch
1st Beagelee Aphrodite (Duval) – Number 1 and 2 pushed hard for 1st place. This puppy bitch was just a little shorter coupled. Beautiful feet, Beautiful length of neck into smooth shoulders with a good length of upper arm. Lovely classic head and expression.
2nd Kislev Diamond In The Sky (Bell) – Beautiful feet. Lovely head and Beautiful neck as well, but not quite as smooth transition into shoulder. Good stern.
3rd Burbay Billy Jo (Burgoines) – very nice puppy, beautiful feet, lovely substance. A bit lower tailset. And unfortunately didn’t show herself as well today.

Junior Bitch
1st Nangunyah Sandstorm (Hyman/Bownds) – beautiful balance. Very effortless movement. Very lovely head planes and beautiful expression, strong topline and well set stern.
2nd NZ & Aust Ch Sarangrave Winter Is Coming (Farley) – Lovely balance bitch. Head not as strong. Topline doesn’t hold quite as well as 1st place. Both were exceptional bitches.
3rd Goldenbelle Huntress (Suggett) – Very lovely, beautiful substance. Nice feet. Lovely head and expression. Good length of neck. Stern set on well.
4th Thronoughton Ray Of Light (Houghton/Thornton) – Very nice balanced bitch with a lovely head. Shoulders are set forward just a little bit more than those above.

Intermediate Bitch
1st Gibbgran Echo Beach (Gibson) – Absolutely exquisite feminine bitch. Lovely head and soft expression. Strong topline. Good angles with lovely upper arm length. Balanced front and rear, effortless gait.
2nd Orobay Triumphant Style (Roff) – Tad longer in body, but still just a lovely side gait. Lovely head and expression. Beautiful tight feet and good topline.
3rd Kislev Annies Ace Of Spades (Bell) – another lovely bitch with a nice shoulder set and topline. Not quite as clean in head.
4th Ch Tracjobea Bird Of Paradise (Telfer) – Very pleasing bitch. Balanced angles front and rear. Not quite as clean in shoulder. But a lovely picture going around the ring.
5th Ch Brevari Florentine (Hyman) – Very lovely bitch as well. Strong head and topline. Nice shoulder set. Another lovely group of competitive bitches.

Australian Bred Bitch
1st Culorgair Janis Faith (Souter) –This bitch is a Lovely package. Beautiful feet and substance. Beautiful balanced angles. Lovely length of neck blending into a good shoulder layback and good length of upper arm and a lovely head and expression, soft and pleasing. Strong topline, well set on stern.
2nd Ch Delrei Allaboutme (Beattie) – Good moving bitch although a little bit more upright in shoulder. Lovely head and expression and nice topline and tail set.
3rd Ch Baldev Mystical (Martin) – another lovely bitch with nice expression, not as strong in head. Good topline and tailset. Strong feet and nice substance.
4th Ch Harlika Caramel Kisses (Whittaker) – Lots of lovely parts to this bitch, appears young and not quite sure what to do with all of her angles. She has good substance, and a lovely head. I think she’ll mature into a very lovely bitch.

Open Bitch
1st Ch Baldev Blonde Bombshell (Ison) – Red and white. Lovely. Exquisite head and length of neck, lovely outline, topline, shoulders, feet. She has it all. Very nice bitch.
2nd Ch Jancintine Bita Sweet Sympony (Hyman) – Very nice bitch as well. Not quite as strong in condition. Lovely head and blends into neck and shoulder.
3rd Beaurein The World Is Hers (Bell) – Very nice red and white bitch. Lovely head and expression. A little bit longer cast. Topline not quite as strong. Still very much a contender.
4th Orobay Joyful Soul (Roff) – Very nice bitch. Would like just a tad more leg under her for her depth of body. Very lovely head and expression. Good topline and shoulders.

Veteran Bitch
1st Ch Beagelee Foxy Lady (Duval) – Lovely short coupled bitch. Very nicely balanced. Gorgeous head. Beautiful shoulder set. Looked lovely today floating around the ring.

Neuter Bitch
1st Neut Ch Harlika Kahlua Dream (Whittaker) – Very lovely bitch. Very free moving. Pretty head, nice shoulder. Just a really lovely outline.
2nd Ch Orobay Everlasting Soul (Tringham) – Lovely red & white bitch. A little more stocky in appearance. Lovely head, pretty shoulder placement.