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Tell us about your Beagle and how it has changed your life and all the fun you have with your Beagle.

Beagle People are Special People

2017-06-29T13:19:10+10:0022 September 2013|Your Stories|

  Beagle people are a special breed, though not recognised by the ANKC. Think everyone has dog crates in their living rooms. Have messy houses but their kennels are spotless. Can always find a catalogue or pedigree, but have no idea where their marriage certificate is. Have kids who know more about sex when they're [...]


2017-06-29T13:26:15+10:0022 September 2013|Your Stories|

The Gates of Heaven were guarded by St. Peter. Four canine friends approached and stood waiting for permission to enter. They were asked for an account of themselves. The poodle was first and, leaping forward proudly, he said, ''I am the showman, winning many prizes for my beauty. See how fine I am? There was [...]

Famous Beagles

2019-03-30T11:00:39+10:0019 September 2013|Your Stories|

You will find information about lots of famous beagles. If you know of any other famous beagles (apart from your own) that we haven't listed here, please contact our web developer. Snoopy Probably the world's most famous beagle, Snoopy was a character created by Charles Schulz in his comic strip Peanuts. Charles Schulz got it [...]


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