gadget2Brains – Inspector Gadget 1 and 2

The first Inspector Gadget movie starred Matthew Broderick, while the second starred ??? from Third Rock From The Sun fame.

Both movies starred a beagle called Brains.

Interestingly enough, Brains was a tan and white beagle in the first Inspector Gadget movie and a tricolour beagle in the second. Inspector Gadget 2 was filmed in Queensland where they used two of the stunt dogs from Movie World to play the part of Brains.


This is one of the most recent movies to star a beagle. Shoeshine is an ordinary beagle that happens to fall into the hands of your typical mad scientist. When his genetic makeup is altered, Shoeshine takes on super powers, including flight, speed power and the ability to talk to humans.

cats-and-dogsLou – Cats and Dogs

This movie was a hit in Australia and brought the beagle into the eye of many kids and families. The beagle is portrayed as a dog whose main purpose in life is not to save the world but to be the best friend of a young boy

Toby – Used Cars

This 1980s classic movie starring Kurt Russell and Jack Warden has as one of the star characters a cheeky beagle named Toby. Toby helps the used car salesmen sell their cars using any means necessary.

Regarding Henry

The movie “Regarding Henry” starring Harrison Ford and Annette Bening has a beagle called Buddy as the family pet who provides some love and affection after the main character loses his memory.


Another kids movie about a beagle is Rusty, an adventurous beagle who sets out on some crazy adventures.

royaltenenbaumsThe Royal Tanenbaums

In this eccentric movie starring an all star cast including Gene Hackman, Bill Murray, Ben Stiller, Gwenyth Paltrow, Angelica Huston, Danny Golver and Owen Wilson, the family pet in the crisis is their beloved beagle


One of the favourite childrens movies of recent times was Shiloh, and the adventures of this loveable beagle.

grape-apeGrape Ape

Another cartoon series that had a beagle as one of its main characters is The Grape Ape. This 40 foot tall purple ape had as his companion a beagle called “Beagle”.

porthosStar Trek: Enterprise

In the television series of Star Trek: Enterprise, their mascot and often saviour os missions was a beagle known as Porthos.


There is a beagle that makes a regular appearance in episodes of the british television series Eastenders

wonderyearsThe Wonder Years

Buster is the beagle that is often seen in the 1980s television series The Wonder Years.

The Manor Born

The English comedy series The Manor Born features a laid back beagle in a number of its episodes.

fleegleThe Banana Splits

The Banana Splits was a hit kids television show in the 70s. The four main characters were Bingo the Gorilla, Drooper the Lion, Snorky the Elephant and Fleegle the Beagle.