Beagle People are Special People

//Beagle People are Special People


  • Beagle people are a special breed, though not recognised by the ANKC.
  • Think everyone has dog crates in their living rooms.
  • Have messy houses but their kennels are spotless.
  • Can always find a catalogue or pedigree, but have no idea where their marriage certificate is.
  • Have kids who know more about sex when they’re five than most people know when they’re forty and who regard “bitch” as a term of endearment .
  • Drive either a truck, van or station wagon, never a sports car.
  • Can never be reached on weekends, they’re at a dog show.
  • Will drive 500kms, spend $100.00 on petrol, $100.00 on a motel and $150.00 on food, so they can bring home a $2.00 ribbon and a $6.00 trophy.
  • Can get up at 5.00am to walk their beagles, can be at ringside dressed to kill at 7.00am, but have trouble making it to work on time.
  • Will give up a $200,000.00 home in the suburbs to move to a shack on 10 acres with a $200,000.00 kennel block.
  • Never miss the closing date for entries but pay the mortgage 10 days late.
  • Use dog food bags as garbage bins and garbage bins as dog food bins.
  • Talk on the phone for hours to a beagle friend in a language totally foreign to other people.
  • Have family who think they’re crazy, neighbours who think they’re weird, but we all know that they’re just doggone
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