We had 38 Beagles and four honorary Beagles turn out on a beautiful spring morning for this year’s walk around the University of Queensland and across the Green Bridge.

It was great to see many new faces, as well as lots of seasoned club walkers. We also had some faces that hadn’t been on a walk for a while, so it was great to catch up.

Some four-legged family reunions happened as well, with mums and pups catch up for the first time since they were born.

The University walk is not a long walk – only about 3 kms but there is a tricky hill at the turn around point. At the top of the Dutton Park hill we get to play in the off leash area – always a great site. The Beagles love the romp and play time, although those who were already in the off leash park were quite stunned when they saw the massive pack of Beagles trouncing up the hill in search of a play.

As usual, we had the game of Chasey initiated by the puppies but it was also great to see some of the oldies joining in on the fun, although they may have overdone the fun as one or two decided they needed to be carried down the hill.

Another great walk. Thanks to everyone who turned up to make the walk so enjoyable.

(This walk is dedicated to the grand old man. RIP Benson)