May 29, 2021

4:00 pm


Ferny Grove Junior AFL Grounds

Start of Tramway Street, (Beside Ferny Grove Bowls Club) Ferny Grove Q 4055

BCQ Events



This fantastic event is on again!! The Beagle Club of Queensland is holding its first lure coursing event for 2021 and the first one since 2019.

The Beagle Club of Queensland is holding its first lure coursing day for this year.

There will be lots of fun activities on the day, including puppy runs and pack runs. It is also a good chance for Beagles new to lure coursing to come along and find out what it’s all about. There will be prizes for the top three Beagles in the classes of Novice, Open and Veteran, as well as raffles throughout the morning.

The meet with be held at the Ferny Grove Falcons Junior AFL grounds, Tramway St Ferny Grove. To get to the lure coursing grounds, go along Samford Road and turn left into Tramway St. Look for the entrance to the Junior AFL Club. Drive to the top of the hill. A Beagle Club and Queensland Lure Coursing Association sign will be at the entrance to the grounds.

Please note that this is a twilight lure coursing meet under lights and our first night lure coursing meeting. It will be a great spectacle for the club and the beagles.

The outline for the day will be:
3:30pm – 4:30pm – Registration
So we can time your Beagles on the day, every Beagle needs to be entered. Your Beagle will be given a number for the day. When your number is called, come to the starting gate for your dog’s run.
4:45pm – 5:30pm Novice and Puppy Runs
This is for any Beagles that have never done lure coursing before. They will run over a short distance of about 70 metres to get the feel of lure coursing and for owners to see how it is done. It is also open to puppies up to nine months of age.
5:30pm First Full Run
Will see the dogs run their first full course. Each dog will run their first course before each dog has their second run.
6:25pm Puppy Pack Run
This is always a fun event. Watch as the pack of beagle puppies under 12 months of age chase the lure (and most likely each other)
6:30pm Second Full Run
The Beagles will be timed on their second run, with the best time from the two runs counting.
7:30pm Pack Runs
After the Beagles have had a rest, we will have a pack run where all the Beagles can have a fabulous time running together. This is always a spectacular sight.
7:45pm Pack up, and Presentations
It’s always appreciated at the end of the day to have people assist in packing up the gear. Many hands make for light and quick work. Once the packing up is completed, the top dogs of the day will be presented.
Entry Fee $5.00 for each dog, payable on the day.
If you have any enquiries about the day or about lure coursing in general, please feel free to contact Jeff at or mobile 0418 871 369 on the day.

Please note this is a beagles only event.