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This will be a BEAGLES ONLY lure coursing event. No other breeds will be in attendance. It will be a fabulous night with lots of fun and lots of Beagles enjoying the chance to run and chase the lure.
Your Beagle does not need to be fit to enjoy the day. Beagles of any age can join in the fun, Puppies under nine months of age will have a special puppy run in the morning and a puppy pack run later in the night.

The outline for the day will be:
3:30pm – 4:00pm – Registration
So we can score your Beagles on the day, every Beagle needs to be entered. Your Beagle will be given a number for the day. When your number is called, come to the starting gate for your dog’s run.
4:15pm – 5:00pm – Novice and Puppy Runs
This is for any Beagles that have never done lure coursing before. They will run over a short distance of about 70 metres to get the feel of lure coursing and for owners to see how it is done. It is also open to puppies up to nine months of age.
5:00pm – First Full Run
Will see the dogs run their full course. Each dog will run their first course before the course is reversed and each dog in turn has their second run.
6:00pm – Puppy Pack Run
This is always a fun event. Watch as the pack of beagle puppies under 9 months of age chase the lure (and most likely each other)
6:15pm – Second Full Run
The course will be reversed on the second run just to make it a little more challenging for the beagles. The second run will also be under lights, which is a fabulous spectacle
7:15pm – Pack Runs
After the Beagles have had a rest, we will have a pack run where all the Beagles can have a fabulous time running together. This is always a spectacular sight.
7:30pm – Pack up, and presentations
It’s always appreciated at the end of the day to have people assist in packing up the gear. Many hands make for light and quick work. Once the packing up is completed, the top dogs of the day will be presented.
Entry Fee: Member: $7.00 for each dog; non-members: $10.00. Fees payable on the day.
Awards and prizes will be presented to the top three beagles from the novice, open and veteran categories for registered and unregistered beagles.
While it is not compulsory, people are encouraged to run their Beagles in pairs, as they often work and perform better when run together. If you have never done lure coursing before, don’t worry — there will be lots of people there to help and to let you know what to do.
The club will also be holding a Sausage Sizzle for those who are hungry. There is also an off-lead park behind the lure coursing ground for you beagles to have a play while they are waiting for their run.

Wheelchair accessible

Water for dogs available

Off-lead park/area


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