Our third lure coursing meet was one to remember, as well as being one that was put on film and will promote Beagles and our club for a long time

The day was held in Association with the Queensland Lure Coursing Association, who had organised to have the sport promoted on television, through the program Totally Wild. The Totally Wild team was there to film how the sport operates and how people can join in on the fun as a sport. Of course, with the number of Beagles that we had there, we had lots of footage taken of our club members and their Beagles.

The day ran slightly differently to our normal lure coursing days. As the filming was taking place, we worked in with the QLCA dogs, running some of our Beagles, then having a number of other breeds run, so the Totally Wild crew could get footage of a range of breeds. Although there were lots of other breeds there, there was plenty of footage taken of Beagles, with the Beagles featuring in small pack runs while the reporter talked in the background. There should be some great video taken from the day.

The highlight of any of our lure coursing days, as well as the filming, was of course the pack run. We had all our Beagles out on the course – over 40 – to make for a spectacular sight and for a fabulous finish to the program. Even though we had a few Beagles who couldn’t wait until the official start by beginning their run early, we were able to round them up and put on a great display.

The QLCA were impressed but our club and how well we were able to be organised and thanked us for working in with their activities.

No doubt, we will be having more lure coursing events next year so our Beagles can continue to join in on the fun.

Below are the tops scores for the day. Full results can be found on the club web site. Congratulations to all those that took out the prizes on the day. They show the Beagles continue to be great lure coursers. For those that did do well, I’d encourage you to consider coming along to the regular QLCA meets that are held once a month. Your Beagles certainly enjoy the sport.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day in any way. We were able to put on a great day not only for our club but for the members of the QLCA.

We will let members know when the filming will be on TV, so keep an eye out for details.


 Place Name Score
1st Odie 175
2nd Marley 173
3rd Abby 172
1st Keeper 173
2nd Noni 173
3rd Witchy 169
1st Radar 171
2nd Sally 167
3rd Rory 122