Yet another successful day of lure coursing was held by the Beagle Club of Queensland on Sunday the 25th of August.

e had over 40 entries plus about 8 puppies all enjoying themselves on a beautiful winter morning in Brisbane.

The format of the day was a little different to our usual lure coursing, as it was held after the completion of the Hope Island Cup conducted by the Queensland Lure Coursing Association. This not only allowed us time to relax in the morning, it also gave us all the chance to see the elite Queensland lure coursing dogs compete over a much longer course than is typical.

We shared the afternoon with the Dachshund Club of Queensland.

The Beagle ran in pairs to allow us to get through the competition a little quicker. It also allowed some of the novice dogs to run in pairs – something I think helped many of the Beagles to get the idea of what lure coursing is all about.

The course for the Beagles was about 300 metres long.

Each Beagle was entered in either Novice class, Open class or Veterans to allow the competition to be a little fairer.

At the completion of the regular runs, it was time for the pack runs. First we had the puppy pack run where all the babies could enjoy themselves and have a go at lure coursing. Although not all of them chased the lure, the all had fun running and playing.

After the puppy pack run, it was time for the adult pack run. We had over 25 Beagles participate and what a sight it was. It’s not every day you see a pack running and chasing and having fun on such a big scale. We had a lot of comments from seasoned lure coursers about the fun our club had and the great sight of the Beagle pack run. Something they hadn’t seen in such numbers before.

Congratulations to all the winners on the day and to the Apollo Trophy winner, Radar. I am sure that those who succeeded will be back for more enjoyment at regular lure coursing days in the future.

A big thanks goes to everyone who participated on the day. Thanks to everyone who helped out in any way, for without you help, these days would not be possible. Thanks to Dan and Nicole Bell for their donations of the prizes, and to our wonderful Patroness, Dorothy Oestreich for her donation of cash for the winners.

I’m looking forward to the next lure coursing day already. Tally Ho!!!

Placing Name Points Placing Name Points Placing Name Points
1st Max 172 1st Radar 175 1st Rory 172
2nd Jazz 172 2nd Riley 174 2nd Bobbie 85
3rd Ella 169 3rd Sunshine 172 3rd
Daisy 169 Mara 171
Watson 168 Leia 170
Summer 167 Locky 170
Sherlock 167 Cindy 170
Barney 166 Witchy 170
Hunter 164 Tasha 170
Barney 163 Skittles 168
Teddy 159 Holly 168
Billie 157 Bonnie 167
Haylo 126 Abby 165