It was the second biggest turnout for a Beagle Club of Queensland lure coursing event. The club has been enjoying this sport for almost 20 years and has increased the number of lure coursing days to three events each year.

Our September 2016 lure coursing day had an amazing 69 Beagle come along for the fun. This may have been due to the July lure coursing day being cancelled due to weather but the Beagle gods were out in force, making sure we had cloudless skies this day.

Not only did we have many Beagles along for their first go at lure coursing, we had lots of experienced lure coursing Beagles and a number of veterans joining in the fun. We had many spectators and a few who didn’t bring their Beagle but just came along to enjoy the fun. That’s what this club is all about.

The day starts early with registrations for the two runs each Beagle will run on the day. A delicious barbecue breakfast was available, fresh hot coffee, and lots of friendly Beagle lovers to talk about their favourite four-legged subjects.

The novice Beagles and puppies were taken out for a short run to get familiar with the sport and to see if they had the instinct to chase the lure.

After the test runs, each Beagle had their first full run, judged by Beagle specialist, Jenny Gray. The puppy pack run of four eager puppies was great to see, after which the second run was scored.

Our final highlight of the day was the pack runs. There were too many to fit in the chute, so we had two noisy, chaotic but thoroughly enjoyable packs to chase the lure one last time on the day.

Congratulations to all those whose Beagles won a placing or scored well on the day.

As usual, our club had many dedicated people who helped to organise the day, helped with the many tasks that had to be carried out on the day, or who donated to the day in any way. We are a very fortunate club to have so many dedicated members who assist to ensure our events are run well and can be enjoyed by everyone.

For those wanting to find out more about the sport or to have a try, see the Queensland Lure Coursing Association web site.


Oscar Peter 176
Kirk Jy 174
Billie Kristy 173
Chilli Charlotte 172
Benji Nicole 171
Philly Claire 171
Bella Trent 171
Betty Alison 166
Rawleigh Olaf 165
Stanley Kate 164
Tilly Jennifer 162
Bagel Steven 160
Breezy Liz 155
Shadow Janine 144
Trixi Kate 134
Bella Alison 133
Scout Jenny 132
Tiger Nicole 131
Freya Audrey 172
Witchy Hillary 169
Sadie Julie 169
Pip Jenny 169
Lovie Hillary 168
Sandy Tracey 167
Radar Jenny 171
Meg Dave 170
Billie Patricia 30