The Beagle Club of Queensland was formed on the 18/7/93 with sixteen members attending the Inaugural meeting, which was held at the Canine Control Council Showground at Durack. In December 1995 the club became affiliated with the Canine Control Council (Qld). By the end of 1994 club membership had escalated to well over 100 members, since then membership has varied but is currently over 200.

Since 1995, the club has successfully held nineteen Open Shows and sixteen Championship Shows.,We also hosted the 4th National Beagle Championship Show in August 1998 and the very successful 9th National Beagle Championship Show in August 2012.

After our affiliation the club became a member of The National Beagle Council of Australia in 1996, who together with the A.N.K.C. sanctions the right of any State to hold a National Beagle Championship Show.

A Beagle Rescue Service commenced soon after the formation of the club, and to date many beagles have been relocated into new and loving homes.

The club has been associated with A.Q.I.S. (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) over the years, and quite a few beagles that have been bred by club members, have successfully found their way into their detection program, to be prepared for a future involvement in their program.

Since 1994 we have been involved with Pet and Hobby Expos held around South East Queensland. This brings to our club and beagles in general, a favorable amount of publicity. Our club has always been at the fore where participation to arouse public interest in our beloved breed is involved.

Many of our members do not participate in the showing of their beagles. Therefore to involve them in the club we organise annually an assortment of social events, such as beach walks, lure coursing, and club dinner. At our social event we often get over 50 beagles coming along for the fun. Anyone is welcome to going in the fun, regardless of whether you are a member of the Club or not.