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Welcome to the Beagle Club of Queensland Inc.

1993 to 2018 – Celebrating 25 years of supporting and promoting the Beagle breed in Queensland.

Beagle … It’s not just a dog … it’s an adventure!

We support the development and welfare, and undertake the promotion of, the purebred Beagle within Queensland.

We do this through a wide range of activities – from shows to displays and expos, to walks, our Beagle rehoming service, and sports such as lure coursing. Have a look through our menus to find out more details about what we do and how we can help you and your Beagle.

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Upcoming events

  • BCQ General Meeting – Tuesday 20th March

    March 20, 2018BCQ Events
  • BCQ Lurecoursing Sprints, Beagles Only – Sunday 25th March

    March 25, 2018BCQ Events
  • BOW WOW City Twilight Walk – Saturday 21st April

    April 21, 2018BCQ Events
  • BCQ General Meeting – Tuesday 15th May

    May 15, 2018BCQ Events
  • Shorncliffe Walk: Sunday 27th May

    May 27, 2018BCQ Events
  • Oxenford Lake Walk, Damien Leeding Memorial Park – Sunday 24th June

    June 24, 2018BCQ Events
  • BCQ Lurecoursing Day, Beagles Only – Sunday 10th June

    July 1, 2018BCQ Events
  • Forest Lake Walk – Sunday 15th July

    July 15, 2018BCQ Events