Our final walk for the year is always enjoyable and this year’s Gold Coast walk and Christmas party was no exception. This is always a great walk but we never imagined that we would have over 77 beagles turn up for the fun on what was a perfect day weather-wise. Blue sky, not too warm, cheap mlb jerseys cool, cool water and beautiful beach to walk along. Just magic.

Our first to enjoy the walk began turning up at about 8:15, just mingling around the park, letting their Beagles have a good sniff of each other and, of course, bark at all those non-Beagle types. The closer we got to 9:00, Games the more Beagles began to turn up in droves. We quickly filled the park where we were assembly and quickly began to draw a crowd of onlookers. It was a fabulous sight.

Our regular photo shoot on the beach had all the photographers reaching for their wide angle lenses or to take panorama shots of the beagle lined up from the dunes to the water.

We headed down the Spit. Some chose the leisurely stroll, some chose to be the pack leaders, but all had great fun.

As has become a habit over the past three years, the Great Dane Club was also on the beach that day. But they were clearly outnumbered by the Beagle Brigade that was heading south towards Main Beach.

As we reached the end of our walk, the pack came across an unusual site that had some Beagles very curious. A young beachgoer had been buried up to her neck by her boyfriend in the sand, including her hands. All the Beagles could see was this head sticking out of the sand. Some were a little cautious. Others became very friendly and decided to give the customary Beagle “lick” to the helpless young beachgoer, much to the amusement of her boyfriend. And, of course, no spectacle like that would be complete without one of the boys having a good sniff and (almost) using her as a watering post.

After a relaxing break, we headed back north towards the sand pumping jetty. By this time the off lead pack was growing. wholesale nfl jerseys It is great to see the number of Beagles who are now able to go off lead having fun and chasing each other. A great site.

By the time we had returned to the seaway, our fabulous volunteers had set up a magnificent area of goodies for morning tea, merchandise and Santa’s chair. The food was fabulous, especially the specially made Beagle cupcakes. Santa of course was on hand to give out presents to all the good Beagles and to have their photo taken with him.

A big thanks to all those that helped on the day to set up for morning tea. Special thanks to Desley Souter jerseys for organising the morning tea and merchandise. Thanks also to Santa Claus (or, should we say, Santa Chris) for finding all the good Beagles. Thanks also to everyone who turned up and enjoyed the day. Perhaps next year, we should have a target of 100 Beagles on the Spit.

A jerseys simply magic day.

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