This was the second year for the Beagle Club of Queensland to hold a sprint lure coursing day. This event is held as part of the Australian Lure Coursing Association’s National Sprint Championships. These championships are held across Australia to find the fastest dog of each breed or class and to award those dogs with a national sprint title.
We had another fabulous turnout of over 50 Beagles joining in for this event. Each Beagle was timed across a distance of 100 metres. The timed section is a straight chute that guides the Beagles through the timing mechanism. Times were recorded to find winners in the four classes – registered Beagle; registered Beagle veteran; unregistered small breeds and unregistered small breeds veteran.
The winners of the classes were:
•    Registered Beagle: Saxon
•    Registered Beagle Veteran: Radar
•    Unregistered Small Breeds: Odie
•    Unregistered Small Breeds Veteran: Stormie
The times of the winning Beagles from our sprint day will be entered to the ALCA against Beagles from other lure coursing clubs to find the fastest in each category. We will notify members when the times are published on the ALCA web site.
The final event was the usual fun pack run. This time we organised the full pack of close to 50 Beagles. It was an amazing site watching the pack come out of the chute, barking chasing and having a fabulous time in their pack.
A big thanks goes to Ian Smith from the Queensland Lure Coursing Association for his great assistance in setting up the course and running the bike for use on the day. Also for the great footage that Ian took of the pack run that can be seen on the QLCA Facebook page.
Thanks also to everyone that helped on the day and who donated prizes and trophies, as well as for the morning tea and raffle. Another great lure coursing day for our Beagles and their family.

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