What another wonderful day out for the Beagle enthusiasts on Sunday the 29th of June. The Brisbane City and Southbank walk is always and enjoyable walk, starting at the base of the Kangaroo Point cliffs.We had the feeling that this was going to be a big walk after we saw how many people on Facebook indicated they were intending to come along. As a result, we moved our original starting point for the walk to be in an area that would take a bigger crowd. We were lucky that we did. Not only was there a run club starting exactly where we usually begin our walk, by the time we had commenced our walk, there were 80 Beagles and a few honorary Beagles that had turned up for the fun. This was our second biggest turnout for a walk and is greatly appreciated by the Club, as well as being a fabulous sight.

Although it was a little cool and a big storm the night before, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky for our walk. The 80 Beagles were all excited and, as usual, barked at those non-Beagle types that dared to venture our way.

We began our walk just under the Captain Cook Bridge. We made our way up along the riverside walk before heading over the Good Will Bridge. Our regular photo on top of the Good Will Bridge just wasn’t going to happen this time. Not with 80 Beagles. We headed along the river walk before having a good break in the beautiful Brisbane City Botanical Gardens.

As we headed back towards the Good Will Bridge, some of our members that had stayed behind could see the trail of Beagles from the other side of the river (with that many Beagles, you could probably have seen it from space).

We walked over to Southbank and along the Clem Jones Promenade. A lovely rest beside the river, just in front of the Brisbane Wheel was very relaxing for everyone. Morning tea was served for when we returned – we even had our very own Beagle cake which was delicious.

It was great to see so many people turn out. It was also great to see some long time club supporters coming along for an enjoyable day as well. Thanks to everyone for making it a magical morning.